The Poet And The Pendulum Wish I Had An Angel 4: A Crackling Sphere 3: Beauty Of The Beast Élan Alternate Version 4:

Nome: cd nightwish oceanborn
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Escapist Album Version 5: Ooceanborn Of Heaven Orchestral 7: Passion And The Opera 4: Slow, Love, Slow 5: I Want My Tears Back 7: Realmente muito bem detalhada. The Wayfarer Non Album Track 3:

cd nightwish oceanborn

Higher Than Hope 5: From G To E Minor 2: Walking In The Air Live 5: The Greatest Ballads Coletânea Turn Loose The Mermaids 4: Ghost Love Score Amaranth Album Version 3: Two For Tragedy 3: Eva Demo Version 4: Slaying The Dreamer 5: Whoever Brings The Oceanorn 4: Cadence Of Her Last Breath 4: Made In Hong Kong: Dead To The World 4: Showtime, Storytime Live The Siren EP dd Bless The Child Single The Crow And Warrior 4: Walking In The Air 5: Our Decades In The Sun oceamborn Sleeping Sun Full Version 4: Slow, Love, Slow 5: Walkin In The Air 5: Last Of The Wilds 5: Nymphomaniac Fantasia Oeanborn The Wayfarer Non Album Track 3: This Moment In Eternity 3: Dare To Enter 1: Last Ride Of The Day 5: The Escapist Instrumental 4: Last Of The Wilds 6: Once Upon A Troubador 5: Ghost Inghtwish Score Instrumental Score Walking In The Air Single Last Ride Of The Day 4: From Wishes To Eternity, Live

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